21st October 2020

Turkey Rail Announcement

ERG International Group have been awarded the tender by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for the construction of circa 600 km high-speed (250 km/h) railway line from the capital city Ankara to Izmir - the 3rd biggest city in Turkey.

The 2.16 billion Euro Project will be undertaken by three ERG sister companies (i) ERG İnşaat Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. (ii) ERG International UK Ltd and (iii) SSB Sauerwein & Schaefer Bau AG. ERG UK is arranging the funding for the Project with the intention of using long term debt finance available from UK Export Finance (the official British Government credit guarantees department) and potentially other international funding institutions including SERV (Swiss export credit agency). The Project provides a tremendous export opportunity to British and Swiss suppliers.

The Project aims to improve the efficiency and adequacy of the transport system in the region by addressing poor rail connectivity and lack of environmental alternative transport modes. It is designed to ease road traffic congestion and promote socio-economic development to support tourism in Izmir and intercity job and growth opportunities through a safe and improved commuting service. The high speed rail (HSR) has the additional benefit of being an electric low carbon alternative, with hard currency savings to Government from reduced importation of higher polluting diesel fuel as currently used in conventional trains.

This line is particularly important for bringing Ankara closer to İzmir, an attractive tourist destination, along with regional/intercity connectivity with Manisa, Uşak and Afyonkarahisar. When complete the HSR travel time will be reduced to around three and a half hours from 14 hours by existing indirect rail routes. Ankara-Izmir by motorway is 587 km with travel time takes of around 9 hours. With airport transfers, operations and waiting time air travel between Ankara and Izmir is approximately three and a half hours. The substantial reduction in high speed rail time will make the HSR the best option when travelling between the two cities.

Being the final stage of the current national high speed rail masterplan the Ankara Izmir Highspeed Rail Project is a priority for both the Turkish State Railways Authority and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. HSR delivers more passengers per hour than roads and runways combined – at far less cost. Passengers will get to their destinations quickly, efficiently and on time. A single HSR line can carry the equivalent of a 10-lane highway, be built at much lower cost, is cheaper to operate and uses a fraction of the energy from electricity, not conventional fossil fuels.

ERG group has a solid track record of delivering landmark assets that provide safer transport, clean energy and sustainable socio-economic benefits to the regions it serves. It is a privilege to undertake another such endeavour – this crucial and environmental Ankara Izmir Highspeed Rail Project.

For press enquiries please contact: inquiries@erg-int.co.uk