Antalya Airport Turkey

The 3rd busiest international airport in Turkey. The construction included a 3.4 km by 45 m concrete pavement runway, 3 taxiways and apron.

The scope of construction consists of a 3,400 x 45 x 0.40 m concrete paved runway, a 100,000 m2 apron and 3 taxiways. 85% of the 1.000.000 m3 of earthworks is backfill. This embankment consists of minimum 0,35 m. granular grading, 0,55 m. sub-base, 0,15 m. base material layers. This material was transported and placed from material quarries located 16-20 km away.

Antalya Airport

In these works, 3 CAT 955, 2 D-8, 2 vibratory rollers, 2 No.14 and No.12 graders, 1 grader, 28 trucks were used and the entire embankment was completed in a short period of time like one construction season.

In concrete pavement works, a concrete satrap with a capacity of 100 m3/h and other construction machinery such as a spray-finisher with a capacity of 1,200 m3/day, 3 joint cutting machines, 3 joint filling machines were used by joining our company's equipment.

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