Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

A 173m tall and 462m long concrete gravity arch hydroelectric dam commissioned by the Turkish Energy Department to exploit and store floodwater in the upper reaches of the River Euphrates. 

The Dam became operational in 1988 and was considered to be one of the most important Turkish engineering works of the time.  In 1989, the project won the Ingersoll-Rand Italia Award, an international prize for major construction works in the world.

Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

The reservoir holds 2,000,000 cubic metres of water and the plant has an installed capacity of 1,800 MW. The arch dam has a spillway with ten outlets controlled by vertical gates. The chute extends over the roof of the power plant at the foot of the dam, and leads into the lake below, created by the Ataturk Dam.

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