21st October 2020

Press Announcement Kazakhstan Investment Conference

ERG International signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop, build and finance priority water infrastructure projects.

ERG are working closely with the Government of Kazakhstan to deliver their priority infrastructure Projects. In addition to 50 years’ experience in design, engineering and construction ERG places a significant emphasis on financing the assets it builds.

A number of projects have been identified including the urgent need to increase the potable water supply to the Mangistau Province including Zhanaozen city where water rationing is the order of the day. With its large gas reserves and location on the Caspian Sea the Mangistau Province is an attractive investment region. However, the lack of potable water has a severe adverse impact on development of this semi-desert province.

Many months of cooperation between ERG and Government culminated in a high level meeting at the Kazakhstan Global Investment Forum on 21 October 2020 attended by the Honourable Deputy Foreign Minister Almas Aidarov, the Vice Minister of Ecology Gromov Sergey, Kazak Invest, the Mayor of Zhanaozen and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK. The parties agreed to fast track the design, build, financing and operation of a seawater desalination plant together with transmission pipelines and associate facilities to increase drinking water supply to Mangistau Province.

ERG will undertake the project under a PPP structure, which reflects our group’s confidence to invest in Kazakhstan, and we look forward to a continued close partnership with the Government of Kazakhstan to deliver their urgent and priority projects.

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